About Us

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Who We Are?

Kro-K Interiors LLC was formed in the year of 1994 with the intention of bringing high quality workmanship in interior design to the residential and commercial market.

The success of the company is built on the foundation of many satisfied customers spread over the region; this earned us a prestigious place among interior designers.

We have worked hard to earn our reputation which was carved by paying more attention to details and uncompromising commitment to quality.

However no technology can replace the craftsmanship, of a gifted artisan. This purely human quality, passed on through generations, results in original creations. Creative excellence can come only from inspired souls and pieces of art always have admirers.


We gained quality experience with every client interaction and the commitment we make with them; it is the essence of our corporate character and is reinforced with every step in our project development process.

In order to serve our valued customers better we expanded in 1998 with our second showroom, in 1999 with addition of fabric department and in 2008 with a joinery work shop unit.

Kro-K Designers are passionate about style and detail and carry with them a prestigious knowledge of interior design history that informs them everyday design decisions. But no matter how large the project and how wide-ranging the decision, our designers allows no trace of self-importance to stand in the way of the flow of ideas; our people cheerfully admits that there's always something to learn from the trades-people they works beside.

From the initial stage of consultation to the work in progress and to the final stages of our prestigious projects, we offer exceptional services and expert workmanship and this commitment to quality for details is a fundamental element that distinguishes Kro-K Interiors LLC from the rest.